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Murano glass chandelier "REZZONICO CLASSIC VERS.3"

The chandelier in the picture is in 6 lights version in clear Murano glass with 24kt gold leaf, ruby and green decorations. The uniqueness and value of the glass working is that Rezzonico chandelier arms and body are composed of many small "shorts" lying one on the other on a frames in iron chrome or gold. Also included pieces of replacement for leaves and flowers, electrical equipment, mounting kit and instructions, certificate of guarantee and the apposition of the original Trademark Vetro@Artistico Murano company code n.074, licensed from Veneto Region with regional law n.70 of 23/12/’94, a witness to the authenticity and origin of the product.
Of course all the Murano chandeliers are made entirely handmade by our master glassmakers following the ancient techniques of Murano glass for the production of the classic Venetian chandeliers in blown glass and are manufactured in our factory in Murano chandeliers located in the homonymous (Murano - Venice).
In addition to any Murano chandelier in our collections is always possible to combine one of the following products, always made ​​Murano glass: wall, ceiling, floor, flambeau, table lamps and bedside lamps.

More Information


  • Clear glass


  • 24kt gold leaf

  • 24kt gold leaf/ruby

  • 24kt gold leaf/light blue

  • 24kt gold leaf/ruby/green


  • 6 lights dimensions: h110x75ø cm - h43x30ø inches
    Price: 5370 €

  • 8 lights dimensions: h110x85ø cm - h43x33ø inches
    Price: 6170 €

  • 12 lights dimensions: h140x130ø cm - h55x51ø inches
    Price: 8050 €